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August 8th, 2016 (Oslo, Norway) We are very happy to announce the latest expansion of AnnaPaula Communications. From now on, we are not only working with fashion labels but are broadening our horizons to apply the creative and impactful communications techniques and experiences that we have gained in the fashion world to other lifestyle industries as well.


In a world in which the different lifestyle disciplines are merging, we will be able to work creatively, quickly, strategically and impactful in different industries, gaining insights that will make a positive impact on our current fashion clients as well as on all other lifestyle clients. AnnaPaula Communications is growing and we are very happy to have you on our side to join us in this exciting journey.


From now on, AnnaPaula Communications is working on communications strategies, build brand networks, curate influential content, create and shape concepts, develop brands, work on Social Media strategies and so much more for brands in the creative industries such as fashion, lifestyle, travel and startups.


Stay tuned! We will make another important and exciting announcement in the next days!


Do you want to learn more about our expansion and how we will be able to apply the new broader scope to your project and ideas? Then get in touch:



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