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September 20th, 2016 (Oslo, Norway) We are very happy to announce our latest client Kiwena and our move towards more lifestyle, exciting destinations, travel news and awesome collaborations.


Kiwena is an online surf travel booking site, listing a curated, diverse selection of individual surf travel accommodation and surf camps. It enables you to check the accommodations, view and contribute to the crowdsourced quality assessment, make the reservation and each reservation made through Kiwena contributes to a local cause.

Kiwena is changing the way, we look at booking surf holidays, making it a natural habit to contribute to local communities when booking, without thinking about it.

Kiwena offers a simplified booking process, a crowdsourced quality rating, provides user-friendly interfaces, instant confirmation, safe payment methods and a local contribution every time customer book through the Kiwena system.


Kiwena and AnnaPaula Communications have already started to work on their project before Kiwena’s launch. This has been an important move in order to create a great communications profile, to work on the brands network, to curate influential content, to shape the concept, to develop the brand, to work on the Social Media strategy and to start creating the communications strategy of the brand.


We are looking forward to a great journey and to see Kiwena grow!


For more information, visit, and follow them on Instagram @kiwenacom


Press enquiries to: AnnaPaula Communications | Katharina Osterholt |


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